important notice effective October 29, 2019

No new applications for rent supplement are being accepted at this time while the existing programs are being reviewed for consistency of benefits to ensure households that need assistance most are prioritized.

In 1994 Lions Management accepted the responsibility of management for the Private Landlord's Rent Supplement Program.  2007 the Lion's Management Group accept the responsibility for the Direct Rent Supplement program.  

Both these programs are designed to aid individuals, couples & families who are struggling to make their rent each month.  In order to apply for rent subsidy, a copy of your lease signed by yourself and the landlord is required.  The lease must contain all those who will be living in the house children and adults.  We also require a current copy of the Tax Notice Of Assessment.  Subsidy is determined by TOTAL household income, meaning all individuals who file taxes living in the home, MUST also provide us with their Tax Notice Of Assessment.  Applying for subsidy CAN NOT be done over the telephone, it must be done in person at our office.  All who receive rent subsidy are required to renew once a year, usually on the anniversary date or if any changes take place during the year.  Any changes to the household MUST be reported to our office!  Those on Private Landlord Rent Supplement are also required to have a home inspection completed once a year.  If you are accepted in the Direct To Tenant program, all tenants MUST bring into our office before the 20th of each month, a copy of their rent receipt signed by the landlord.  

For more information on these programs, please contact our office.

Rent Supplement Can Help this Single Mom

Rent Supplement Can Help this Family

Rent Supplement Can Help This Individual


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